Assignment #1: “That Ol’ Reflect’n Connect”

Assignment #1: “That Ol’ Reflect’n Connect” (10%



This is a reflection/process essay and thus: I WANT YOU TO BE IN 1st PERSON & USE YOUR OWN AUTHORIAL VOICE


“I am concerned about the absence policy because I am here on a water polo scholarship and the team travels almost every week for nationally televised matches and even if the absence is excused, missing the instruction on most Fridays could impact my understanding of important concepts.”


The paper should be in proper MLA format with regards to stylistic conventions: margins, heading, page numbers, etc. It should be typed, double-spaced, and in a standard font. It is due in hard copy at the beginning of class Friday, 1/15/16.



Everyone look down at the course syllabus y’all have been issued. Note the policies, procedures, assignments, expectations, reading load, writing load, subject matter, course outcomes, and pace of the semester. Think of these, in the aggregate, as what the overall expectations of the semester seem to be.

Now keep pondering this as you go pick up your required books, look through the Blackboard Course Site for additional required readings and optional materials. Consider these items as well—even if you don’t have your books yet and won’t have all of them by Friday go in to Amazon, Google Books, or Goodreads and preview their table of contents and sample pages—also consider the order we’re tackling them, who authored each of them, and any contextual information you can discern from the dust jacket blurbs.


Lastly, think about our initial section—you’re currently in the middle of it—or what else strikes you about the classroom environment? Love the room? Hate the room? The seating arrangement? The time of day the course is offered? Whatever stays with you, in terms of classroom environment, even hours after class is a good place to start.


Use these three different kinds of textual experience—the syllabus, this text books, and this initial section—as your “data sets” or “evidence” write a 2pg.+ reflective essay in which you describe your writing process up to this point in your academic careers in relation to the specific demands of this course. Finally, predict and how you think you’ll do in this course.


It may help to consider the following questions to get your mind in the reflective zone:

What assignments look familiar, easy, self-explanatory, or manageable?     Why?

What in your reading and writing past makes you confident about parts of the course?

What parts?

What in your academic past is hesitant / skeptical/ beginning to loathe others parts of it?

What are those parts?

How do you think you’ll do overall? Cakewalk? Work your tail off? Love it or loathe it?

Is the course right up your alley?

Is it mind-bogglingly foreign to you in every way?

Is it alike or different from what you’ve encountered in your classes here thus far?



How do you plan (or not plan) to will leverage your past experience and initial impressions to help you excel/survive/benefit from this course?