ENG 181

The Cumaean Sibyl
United States

Bio: Aaron Graham hails from Glenrock, Wyoming, population 1159, which boasts seven bars, six churches, a single 4-way stop sign and no stoplights. His work explores the relationship of desire, compassion and violence in combat situations and the resilience, latency and impact of trauma and moral Injury on maritime society. He served as the assistant editor for the Squaw Valley Review, is an alumnus of Squaw Valley Writers Workshop and The Ashbury Home School (Hudson) and is a veteran of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq where he served with The Marine Corps' Human Intelligence and Counterterrorism Task Force Middle East as analyst and linguist. HisHis work has appeared in SAND, The Tishman Review, The East Bay Review, Print Oriented Bastards, Zero-Dark-Thirty and f(r)iction. His first book “Blood Stripes” was a finalist for Tupelo Press’s 2015 Berkshire Prize and his poem “Olfaction” won the 2015 Seven Hills Penumbra Poetry Prize. Aaron is currently finishing his PhD in Literature at Emory University.

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